08 Mar

The interior design trends to look out for in 2022

The way we live and work in our homes has changed over the past couple of years. We have been forced to think critically about the spaces where we spend so much time: home offices, kitchens, living rooms. Our Designers have seen a shift in design choices, and we’re excited…Read more

28 Sep

How to choose the right finish to suit your style

Unlike store bought furniture where finishing decisions have already been made for you, designing your own fitted furniture or new custom kitchen allows you to select a finish that complements your unique style and décor. At Creative by Design, we offer our customers a broad selection of finishes to achieve…Read more

26 Aug
In Home Consultation

Importance of engaging a design professional

Imagine designing your dream house without the help of a building designer or architect. While it may seem like a fun idea, the design would probably lack the crucial specifications required by a builder to physically construct it! You would also miss out on the valuable expertise a designer can…Read more