08 Mar
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The interior design trends to look out for in 2022

The way we live and work in our homes has changed over the past couple of years. We have been forced to think critically about the spaces where we spend so much time: home offices, kitchens, living rooms.

Our Designers have seen a shift in design choices, and we’re excited to see some of these trends play out further in 2022…

Multi-purpose home offices

What was once a bedroom is also now a home office, classroom, and playroom. Canberra Designer, Susan, emphasised that spaces need to be multi-functional, and one way to achieve this is with a wall bed. The ability to reclaim and reuse spaces in smart ways will likely continue through 2022 and beyond.

At the onset of the pandemic, people made quick decisions about office furniture and room modifications. Because it was last minute, Perth Designer, Jason, noted that there was no time for sophisticated design choices. Our clients are now looking for innovative ways to make this space not only highly functional but comfortable, and with quality pieces too.

“Clients want to create a sense of wellness in a more interesting space. A living room isn’t just a couch anymore, people want to cocoon themselves in comfort and luxury. Now more than ever, there’s a focus on how a home feels.” Susan, Canberra Designer

Storage is key

Storage is essential for wardrobes and kitchens, but Designer, Jason, also stresses its importance in other areas of the home, such as the laundry and garage. To help improve your approach to storage, Melbourne Designer, Tony, offers some insight: start with a particular item and ask yourself:

1. How important is it?
This determines the hierarchy of reach (important things you use all the time need to be accessible)

2. How much space does it need?
This helps you organise your cabinetry and shelving in ways that make sense.

“Functionality is everything. The way we use spaces has changed. Clients are aware that they need their home to be flexible, while also looking and feeling great.” Annette, Sydney Designer

Adding value

The rise in property prices across Australia has impacted our ability to just buy something new when our existing home is no longer fit for purpose. Homeowners are turning to improvements and renovations rather than relocating. A more economic choice, because they don’t have to re-enter the property market, and they can redesign their home, so it suits their lifestyle now, and in a home that suited their lifestyle a decade ago. They see it as adding value to their home as an investment, rather than as an expense.

Smarter homes

Concealed, task, and strip lighting are clever features in a modernised home. It takes planning, but smart lighting choices are just one of those key considerations for when energy use, technology, ambience and usability collide.

Lighting isn’t the only thing to multitask in our home. Imagine an all-in-one appliance, like an oven that bakes, steams, microwaves and self-cleans, that doesn’t compromise on quality or style, and saves space and time.

Curves, tones, and textures

It is exciting to see clients stepping out of their comfort zone, and away from white on white and neutrals. Softer curves and rounded corners are coming back with design moving away from harsh lines and edges in the home.

Earthier, softer colour palettes with pastels and vintage colours such as terracotta are starting to appear. Sydney Designer, Annette, is loving the wallpaper comeback, and clients’ willingness to experiment with colour and texture.

“A lot of clients are looking for the luxe feel – timber and grains, for instance. Creating that Scandi look with lighter, darker and richer woods for a feeling of warmth and earthier tones are making an impact.” Tony, Melbourne Designer

It’s not all just about colour and texture, though.

“When we design, we do it with the client’s aesthetic in mind and stay true to the style of the home. There are ways we can incorporate both.” Jason, Perth Designer

Like bringing an industrial feel into a terrace home, for example. Utilising touches of quality materials such as brass hardware is a clever way to bring the client’s personality, style of the home, and an industrial edge together.

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