26 Aug
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Importance of engaging a design professional

Imagine designing your dream house without the help of a building designer or architect. While it may seem like a fun idea, the design would probably lack the crucial specifications required by a builder to physically construct it!

You would also miss out on the valuable expertise a designer can provide; such as how to maximise air flow and natural light, and how to ensure the design caters to the unique way in which you live in and move about your home.

Just as most people would never entertain the idea of building their dream home without the input of a designer, it’s equally important to engage a designer when planning changes to the interior of your home.

Similar to building designers, our designers have dedicated their lives to understanding how fitted furniture is incorporated into interior spaces – and draw on this knowledge to help you achieve a design you may never have believed possible.

Here are 2 key reasons why it’s so important to engage a design professional when making changes to your home…

Design professionals understand function and form

Design professionals are experts in achieving the perfect balance of function and form.

Their ultimate goal is to produce a design that is:

  1. Practical and highly functional.
  2. Able to be built and installed.
  3. Aestetically attractive.

Unlike generic flat-pack furniture, custom built furniture is designed specifically to your requirements. Its main purpose is to fulfil a function that makes everyday life easier while complementing your unique style (and the style of the room it lives in).

Fitted furniture should never feel awkward or crammed. It should be functional and blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

For example, a fitted bookshelf becomes part of the very architecture of your interior – blending into the environment and providing perfectly sized shelving to showcase everything from books to vases, with hidden compartments to store games and other items.

Your designer works with you to fully understand your storage needs – and then creates a beautiful and functional design that meets those needs in clever ways. Their experience allows them to suggest options you may never have thought of.

Design professionals see your home with fresh eyes

Though you may understand your home space and see the possibilities, a design professional has a knack for thinking outside the box and exploring exciting new ideas. It’s like a canvas of unlimited opportunities – waiting to be crafted.

Their design expertise allows them to identify any design issues for a particular area, while also uncovering its full potential.

For example, a laundry cupboard is not just a place to store cleaning products and your ironing board.

A custom laundry cupboard becomes an organised, efficient time saver with inclusions such as:

  • built in clothing hampers
  • compartments for the iron and a pull out ironing board
  • a secure section for cleaning products
  • a home for the vacuum cleaner and its various attachments

Our design philosophy

At Creative by Design, it is our mission to help you achieve your dream designs.

We believe that the perfect design combines style with functionality. We unlock your dream through our understanding of colour, texture, space and function, to create a design that is timeless and unique.

We listen to you, and work with you, to ensure you are comfortable throughout the design, manufacture and installation journey.

Simply put, our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Schedule a free design consultation by contacting us on 1300 366 222 or via email.

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