23 Jan

Wall beds by Creative by Design: The ultimate guide

Over the years, we have installed some beautiful wall beds at Creative by Design. In addition to improving the functionality of your spaces, wall beds also allow you to make the most out of any creative home design opportunities.

So, what are wall beds?

Wall beds, otherwise known as hideaway or murphy beds, are a great storage solution if you want to create a multi-functional living space. Wall beds are fixed to the wall and are retractable, concealing the mattress and pulled up when not being used. Wall beds by Creative by Design are designed specifically to complement your home. They can be integrated with additional storage options like cabinetry, allowing for a seamless and neat design.

How wall beds came to be

The wall bed is said to have originated in San Francisco in 1900 by inventor William Lawrence Murphy. Living in a small apartment, Murphy needed a way to improve the practicality of his home. Through the invention of the wall bed, he was able to transform his apartment into a parlour whenever he desired (and inconspicuously entertain ladies!).

Wall beds became a status symbol, as having one allowed an individual to host events and transform their environments without having to change any existing structures.

Why should you consider a wall bed?

A contemporary alternative to a pull-out couch

Why settle for a stiff pull-out couch when you can have a wall bed? Wall beds offer comfort without taking up a large amount of space in a guest room. With high-quality frames and spring support, wall beds provide a comfortable night’s sleep without leaving you with a sore back. To allow for additional support, mattress toppers may also be added, and your guests will thank you!

Make your home more desirable 

Wall beds are a quality investment. The benefits of having them in your home go beyond providing comfort and functionality. They may also add value to your home.

There are endless customisation opportunities 

Customisation is a key advantage of wall beds, making them ideal for enhancing your home’s design. Creative by Design wall beds are custom-built and designed to perfectly match and blend with your existing interior design and storage requirements. Whether you want to customise the finish of your wall bed or choose between vertical or horizontal storage, our designers can accommodate any personalised touches you prefer. The advanced customisation opportunities also ensure that you will enjoy your wall bed as time goes on.

They open up your floor space 

Free floor space is prime real estate in homes already challenged in size. Whenever movement is restricted, a room can appear smaller than it is. With wall beds, you can maximise your floor space and make the most of the vertical wall space available. Suddenly, you find yourself with enough room to use your space to its full potential.


Looking for inspiration for your new wall bed? Download our Wall Bed Inspiration Guide for creative ways to transform your room into a comfortable and contemporary bedroom, or book a consultation with our talented design team.

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