23 Feb
An image of a custom laundry space designed by Creative by Design with two t-shirts hanging on hangers.

Transform your laundry routine: Why your family will benefit from a custom laundry space

The laundry room is not just a space reserved for doing laundry, it’s also an essential space of the home that helps keep the household running smoothly by providing a designated area for cleaning, organisation, and storage of clothing and linens. Whether you love doing laundry or dread it, one thing is for sure, an efficient laundry space is a game-changer. With ample storage and a custom design and layout tailored to your household’s unique needs and requirements, it can make all the difference in keeping your home running smoothly 

Say hello to efficient and easy laundry

Imagine all the precious moments you’ve spent aimlessly searching for that one shirt or bottle of detergent in your cluttered laundry room. What could be more enjoyable than laundry day with a dedicated space that keeps things organised and in their rightful place?  

With custom laundry cupboards and storage solutions that are strategically placed where you need them most, you can navigate your laundry with confidence with your own individualised system. Not only will a customised space cut down time spent in your laundry, but it will also elevate your laundry experience by eliminating the need to constantly sort through mess and clutter.  

A space that works for you

A customised and uniquely designed laundry space works around your household needs, not the other way around. Whether you need that extra bit of wall space to hold your child’s sports equipment, or higher cupboards to keep chemicals away from little hands, customising your laundry gives you the opportunity to outline the key aspects that will assist your specific requirements.  

Customisation can also open the door to creating versatile spaces, such as a combination laundry and mud room, which can maximise functionality and efficiency in your home.  

You can have fun with it 

Even though laundry is seen as a household chore, your space doesn’t have to be generic or fit into the expectations of what you may think a laundry space has to traditionally look like.  

The beauty of customisation is the ability to create a space that is entirely your own and reflective of your personal style and aesthetic. Combine your fun design preferences with your functional requirements to create the perfect laundry space for you. Why not try adding statement wallpaper to add a pop of pattern, or a funky cupboard colour to brighten up your space?  

See the value of your home increase

It’s no secret that adding customised elements can potentially increase the market value of your home. Think of your laundry customisation as a smart investment that not only enhances your home now but also maximises its appeal to potential homebuyers in the future.  


At Creative by Design, we understand the importance of a functional and comfortable laundry space for families. That’s why we specialise in designing custom laundry rooms that not only improve the overall quality of your home but are also specifically tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We work closely with you to ensure that the final outcome will be a space that you and your family will love for years to come.

Learn about the various options we offer for custom laundry rooms here. Our experienced design team is ready to help bring your vision to life, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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