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Top 10 walk in wardrobe design ideas

Top 10 walk in wardrobe design ideas

A walk in wardrobe is a wonderful addition to any home, and can add so much more to your life than extra storage space.

We believe every walk in wardrobe should be a sanctuary: a place for privacy and solitude, designed to make getting ready easier and infinitely more special.

The design of your walk in wardrobe depends on the size and type of the room, and your unique style. A walk in wardrobe should complement who you are and how you want to feel, while maximising the space for efficiency and ease of use.

Here are our top 10 wardrobe design ideas to help you design the ultimate walk in wardrobe for your home…

Quality lighting

An inviting and practical walk in wardrobe boasts quality lighting – be it a grand chandelier hanging from the ceiling, pendant lights, or downlights strategically placed to illuminate darker areas of the room.

Full length mirrors

As the room to experiment with outfits, put on your makeup and check yourself before you head out, a full length mirror is essential in any walk in wardrobe. The mirror should be advantageously placed so that it is properly lit, doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, and is waiting for you when you need it.

Island bench

An island bench is a fantastic addition to any walk in wardrobe, offering a useful area to place items while you’re getting ready. It can also be crafted to incorporate extra storage with clever and beautifully designed drawers or cabinets.

Seat or bench

The purpose of a walk in wardrobe is to make your life easier, and there’s nothing easy about trying to put on shoes while you’re standing up! A built in seat or bench can also include a storage cavity underneath to maximise functionality.

Shoe shelving

Your shoes deserve a home of their own, and with a walk in wardrobe you can have a home for every pair. Shoe shelving can be hidden behind closed doors or showcased proudly. They can be placed down low or up high and consist of racks, cabinets, cubbies, or drawers.

Wardrobe doors

Not every walk in wardrobe needs to be completely open. You may choose to add a sliding door to separate your walk in wardrobe from your bedroom, or add custom made wardrobe doors to certain cupboards for style and privacy. Custom made wardrobe doors can be crafted in a wide range of shapes and styles, such as French provincial, decorative, minimalist or frosted.

Valet rod

Imagine having tomorrow’s clothes waiting for you the next morning. With a valet rod, you’ll feel as though you have your own personal valet waiting on you. A valet rod can retract seamlessly into your hanging space, ready to be drawn out whenever you need it.

Purposeful hanging space

There is nothing worse than having to fold clothes on a hanger because the hanging space is too short. Your walk in wardrobe should be designed to cater for various lengths to accommodate dresses, skirts, pants, suits, ties, ball gowns, robes, and more.

Clever storage solutions

A walk in wardrobe should be practical and functional in every way. This means maximising storage opportunities in every square metre to ensure you get maximum return on your walk in wardrobe investment. Your storage spaces should also cater specifically for what you plan to store – from clothes, shoes and personal effects, to suitcases, blankets, treasured items, and so on.

Inspiring colours and textures

Your walk in wardrobe should make you feel inspired, and can be themed to suit your personality and unique style. This can be done through the use of specifically chosen colours, textures and materials. A good designer will be able to help you create a design that speaks to you and complements your home and taste.

To speak with a Creative by Design designer about designing the ultimate walk in wardrobe for your home, call us on 1300 366 222 or email us.

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