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Kitchen Design Ideas

Top 10 kitchen design ideas

As the heart of your home, your kitchen design should make preparation effortless, cooking comfortable, entertaining delightful, and cleaning a breeze. The kitchen should welcome everyone, while giving the chef in the family a little oasis of their own to experiment and create.

The key to a remarkable kitchen is to make clever design decisions that incorporate savvy kitchen design ideas to maximise space and intentionally make life easier for you every day.

Here are 10 kitchen design ideas to help you design a kitchen that infuses fun, warmth and practicality…

Light it up

Lighting is practical and beautiful – helping to illuminate dark areas while drawing the eyes to centrepieces in the room. You could choose to incorporate pendant lights or spotlights over an island bench, or add downlights to the underside of high cabinets to light up the kitchen bench.

Creative shelving

Walls and corners can be utilised to add extra storage and showcase special items in the kitchen. They can also add a textural element through the use of natural materials such as timber.

Stand out splashback

Make a stunning statement with your splashback, by choosing a design that complements your unique style and the style of your kitchen. From subway tiles to shimmering tiles or bright geometric shapes, coloured or mirrored glass, stone, and even pressed metal – the options for your splashback are endless.’

Instant workbench

If you need more kitchen bench space, consider incorporating an instant workbench. The workbench can be designed to tuck neatly under your existing bench top, ready to be rolled out whenever it’s needed. You could also add a roll out chopping board/bin combination, to make preparation time faster.

Sleek storage

When we design a kitchen, we believe no space should be wasted. Contemporary kitchen designs should integrate smart storage solutions wherever possible, such as hidden cupboards, vertical hanging, shelving, clever pantries, cabinet turntables, and more.

Wine cellar

If you love your wine but don’t have room in the house for a separate wine cellar, consider adding one to your kitchen. Placed in a corner, or in a dedicated area of the pantry, your wine cellar can be designed to keep your wine at a comfortable room temperature while storing them neatly and keeping them easily accessible.

Coffee nook

For the coffee lover, consider adding a coffee nook against a wall or in a corner of the kitchen. Coffee nooks can be designed with natural timbers, bench space, shelving, a bar stool, and special areas to store your coffee machine, coffee, tea, and more. You may even choose to include a blackboard for that extra café effect!

Island bench with breakfast bar and storage

Your island bench is the centrepiece of your kitchen, but it should do more than add extra bench space. An island with an overhanging bench is perfect for use as a breakfast bar with bar stools, and the underside can be used to maximise storage. Some people even prefer to have the sink or oven built into the island bench to save room elsewhere.

Colour and texture

There are countless ways to add colour and texture to your kitchen through your choice of materials, such as timber or stone, and your use of colour on walls, cabinetry and the splashback. If you prefer a modern all-white design, add pops of colour with indoor plants, artwork, or décor such as a unique fruit bowl or bright tea and coffee canisters.

Stylish handles

Cabinet and drawer handles should be more than functional and offer another opportunity to complement the design theme of your kitchen. A minimalist kitchen appears sleeker with recessed handles, while a Hamptons kitchen with a coastal feel can incorporate cup pull handles that imitate the shape of a shell. If you prefer an opulent design, you could even add sparkling quartz knobs as your kitchen cabinet handles.

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