02 Jun

The ultimate home office: style

In this 3-part series, we’re sharing creative ideas to help you envision a home office that combines design, style and ergonomics to provide the perfect home working environment for you.

The style of your home office is an important element, and is about more than the latest trends. It’s an act of self-expression and an ability to place your own personal stamp on your home office space.

When it comes to styling your home office, your choices should say something about who you are and how you work, while inspiring a mindset that is ideal for your line of work, such as efficient, creative, productive, and energetic.

Here are 3 important style elements to focus on when designing your new home office…

  1. Get creative with colour

Do you have a favourite colour? If so, incorporating it in clever ways in your home office may provide all the inspiration you need to feel connected to the space and do your best work.

If you have many favourite colours, you may wish to choose a colour (or colours) that are proven to stimulate emotions or feelings ideal for working:

  • Blue: clear thinking and calm
  • Red: urgency and excitement
  • Yellow: happiness and creativity
  • Green: balance and health
  • Brown: power and strength
  • Purple: wealth and wisdom
  • Orange: enthusiasm and attention

If your favourite colour is white, you may want to opt for an off-white colour such as egg-shell. This will give the space a less clinical appearance and may help to boost your mood.

  1. Choose materials that motivate you

Numerous studies have shown that using timber into your home office can improve productivity and well-being, and even reduce your blood pressure! Timber also adds warmth and texture, so if you enjoy timber it can be a wonderful material to include in your home office.

For a hardier surface, you may want to opt for a modern laminate which can be crafted is a wide range of styles and finishes (including timber-look), and is stain and scratch resistant.

Glass adds a sophisticated and executive ambience to a space and can be used in a number of ways such as a clever whiteboard, as an overlay on your desk surface, or even as panelling for home office cupboards or drawers.

A custom home office allows you to mix and match materials throughout to create a rich and durable design incorporating all the elements you feel will inspire you.

  1. Play with texture

Add texture to your home office with wallpapers, accessories, furniture and finishes.

For example, adding a small rug under your desk to place your feet on while you work adds texture and warmth. A plant on your desk incorporates colour, nature and texture and may also brighten your mood. Light fixtures add a practical textural element in that they can be very visually attractive while also improving visibility.

Wallpaper is another way to add texture, and may motivate you if you choose a pattern that speaks to your sense of creativity and inspiration. You may want to avoid disorganised patterns, as they can make you feel chaotic or confused which isn’t ideal for a work mindset.

Join us next month to find out how clever ergonomic design choices can significantly improve your productivity, while reducing strain or injury while you work.

To speak with one of our expert designers about designing a home office that helps you achieve the perfect work/life balance, call us on 1300 366 222.

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