10 Oct

Storage and small living spaces: how to make it work.

Living in a smaller space is great – you know where everything is, it’s cozy, and you can surround your environment with all the things you love. However, when it comes to storage, smaller spaces can prove challenging to manage, especially when you find yourself confronting the challenge of having too many things and not enough places to store them.

Below we outline some ways that you can make the most out of your space and maximise your storage potential.

The power of closed storage

Sometimes all it takes is getting everything packed away. In a smaller space clutter can build easily and take over without you even realising it is happening. Putting everything away where it isn’t visible will not only improve the style of your environment, but it will also open up available space for you to use. An example of how this could be done is by incorporating storage elements into your home furniture, like these great examples of coffee tables with storage shown in Architectural Digest. By weaving storage into your home furniture, you can have multi-functional items that won’t cost you any extra space. The best of both worlds!

Make your stairs count

The space underneath a flight of stairs is often left untouched. Instead, why not use the existing space for your storage needs by incorporating built-in custom solutions to match your specific dimensions or get creative with existing storage solutions. By maximising the capacity of your staircase area, you can open up space in areas where you need it the most.

Keeping your rooms transitional

When space is a luxury, making sure that every square inch is used in the most productive and creative way is key. Make your rooms multi-functional with different purposes to double your opportunity within your home. Make a home office and bedroom space in one by installing a wall bed, or integrate your laundry space into your garage.

Your walls are your best friend

Instead of focusing on ground-level, look up towards your walls for your storage solutions. Walls are a fantastic opportunity to integrate creative storage elements into your home with style. A fitting example of vertical storage in a living space is floating cabinets, which are wall-mounted and rest above the ground. Floating cabinets can make an environment feel more spacious by creating a feeling of openness. A great example of floating storage in a space can be seen in this home featured in Domino Magazine.

While small spaces may require some more planning in order to maximise your storage space opportunities, there’s an abundance of options to explore and make your own.

If you’re interested in custom storage solutions made specifically for you and your home, get in contact with our design team today.

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