07 Jun

Pinterest: The inspiration you (and we) need

If we asked you to describe the style and design of this kitchen, what would you say? Does the word “traditional” come to mind, or in comparison to your own kitchen, would you call this “modern”? Would someone else describe it the same way?

Without a clear vision, it can be difficult to know if your Designer is on the same page when it comes to the overall vision of your dream home. There are an infinite number of ways you can interpret an image. This is why being clear on your desired outcome and what you hope to bring to life is important.

Wondering how you can effectively communicate your ideas and vision? Look no further than Pinterest.

Pinterest explained

Whilst the concept of Pinterest may not be new, you may be not be using this powerful platform to its full potential!

Pinterest is one of the world’s leading social media networks, with 478 million users accessing the platform per month, all in search of inspiration, ideas, products, and services.

The Pinterest search engine allows you to find content that can inspire you, and you can pin these images to your own pin board. Boards can contain anything that takes your fancy and organised in any way you like, with the ability to be shared and include external collaborators.

We love when clients say “so I found something I like on Pinterest…”

Pinterest can be an excellent bridging tool between your vision and our Designers. It allows for clear visual storytelling and brainstorming where ideas and inspiration can be segmented.

By showing us exactly what you like (and don’t like!) we can share a common vision for your dream space. It saves time, ensures your Designer can understand your expectations and allows our team to provide tailored advice and ideas that reflect your unique style.

Top 3 Pinspiration board tips

Now that we’ve established the importance of Pinterest in the consultation process, let’s look at how to create the ideal Pinterest board!

Here are our top three tips:

  • Be specific. The more detail that is included, the clearer your vision will be for us. Utilise Pinterest’s ability to segment each board. For example, your Home board might have sub sections for each area of the home such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom etc. You can get even more detailed by creating specific boards like ‘Scandi Kitchens’ or ‘Traditional Kitchens’.
  • Add notes. When you pin content to a board, you have the option to include a note. What do you specifically like about the post? Is it the style of the cabinetry? The layout of the kitchen storage? Every bit of additional information helps in forming and communicating your vision.
  • Stay current. If you don’t make a habit of updating your boards, your pins may no longer reflect your current taste and vision. Regular edits will ensure you avoid any miscommunication and allow for an accurate depiction of your taste.

With designers located across Australia in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, we can make your dream home a reality. Book a consultation to speak with one of our Designers today. To get started with some pinspiration, view our Pinterest boards.

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