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How to design the perfect built in entertainment unit

How to design the perfect built in entertainment unit

Streamlined, minimalist design has become the new standard for beautiful living rooms, and there is no easier way to create it in your own home than with a built in entertainment unit.

More than simply a place to “put things away”, a custom entertainment unit offers the opportunity to infuse a sense of style and personality into your lounge room – with unique layouts designed to combine functionality with stunning aesthetics.

The design of your entertainment unit depends on a number of factors, including:
  • What you want to store in the entertainment unit
  • Where it is placed in the room
  • The space surrounding it
  • Your personal style

You may decide on a timber look or sheer white, cupboard door panelling, geometrical shapes, unique architectural features, or many other possible design features.

Your design is only limited by your imagination.

Here are a few creative ideas to help you ensure that your custom entertainment unit is both beautiful and highly functional…

Sound matters

If you have a surround sound system, the subwoofer is best placed on the floor in the living room, preferably in a corner of the room.

Subwoofers placed inside an entertainment unit will vibrate and project a lot of base noise. Positioning it in the corner of the room increases the effect as the sound waves can bounce from one wall to another.

If you decide to give it a home inside your entertainment unit, the subwoofer should have a space at the base of a unit that has been specifically designed without a floor. You should also consider speaker placement so sound is not inhibited – perhaps even designing doors with a mesh material so sound can travel through.

Think about your equipment

Much of the equipment in today’s living rooms is wireless, so there is no need to worry about unsightly and unsafe cords.

However if you prefer not to use wireless or your equipment cannot work wirelessly, you may have many cords to manage and should consider designs that will keep them out of sight and mind.

The cleanest solution to hide cords for a wall mounted TV is to run them behind the wall.

When we design a custom entertainment unit, our designers think about cabling and look for opportunities to conceal it from the very start of the design phase. This allows us to incorporate hidden holes and tunnels to ensure a clean and clutter free unit.

Let your TV breathe

The average television size in 2004 was 27 inches, but modern TVs can be 65 inches or more! Television sizes have increased substantially in a short time which is an important consideration when designing an enclosed entertainment unit.

As the focal point in most living rooms, you should aim to make space around your television and keep the surrounding area clutter free to reduce visual noise.

For a custom entertainment unit, this requires calculating sufficient space around the TV if it will be placed inside or on top of the unit. If the TV is mounted on the wall, the entertainment unit can be coordinated with the placement of the TV while allowing for ample breathing room.

For more creative ideas on designing the perfect custom entertainment unit for your home, please call Creative by Design on 1300 366 222 or email us.

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