14 Nov

Houzz: Connecting with and sourcing the very best in design

Are you looking to hire a home improvement professional or to use home improvement services for your next home project? Would you like to hire a home improvement professional or use home improvement services in your home?

If you are in the middle of a home design project and aren’t using Houzz, you may be missing out. Houzz is a platform used by many Australians to discover home improvement services and professionals.

What is Houzz, and why was it created?

Designed to connect home renovation professionals with homeowners, Houzz is an online home design service and platform, a cross between LinkedIn and Pinterest. In addition to viewing room designs, users can browse products they can put in their homes and find professionals to help with their projects. Organisations and companies like Creative by Design can advertise their services and reach clients directly through Houzz.

Houzz was founded in 2009 by Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen to simplify the process of finding professional advice and assistance in the home improvement and design field. It was evident that there must be a more efficient way to find these resources after spending months searching through torn-out newspaper articles and navigating word-of-mouth referrals. From this struggle, Houzz was created to streamline the communication process further and bridge the gap between clients, designers, and trade professionals.

How to use Houzz to create your dream home

Houzz Ideabooks

Houzz provides you with the opportunity to find home design specialists in a matter of seconds, as well as access inspiration for your home improvement project.

Ideabooks features functions like Pinterest boards, allowing you to save all elements of the home improvement and design process under different categories. Your creative vision can be organised into curated sections from which you can then save professional profiles, images provided by designers, discussions, and stories.

Ideabooks can also be a collaborative tool, which enables a household and designer to work together on a project. In addition to being a helpful tool, Ideabooks make it possible for your designer to see all the concepts that will be included in the project, to ensure that they can meet your needs.

Ideabooks can be public, meaning that anybody can access your collections. They can also comment and save your ideas. Alternatively, you can keep these private to you and your chosen collaborators.

Search Tools

As Houzz offers a broad range of connections in the industry, you can find just the right designer for your project. Some great search features on Houzz will help you pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. With the Visual Search tool on the Houzz app, you can go further with your search capabilities.

By taking a photo of an item and uploading it through the search tool on the Houzz app, users can find items in real-time, and purchase based on what is detected in the photo. You can then share the product with your designer or collaborative team and use the View in My Room 3D tool to see the products in your space using AI technology.


Through Houzz, you can access amazing community features that will allow you to connect with designers, design professionals, and other users willing to share their design knowledge with you.

Explore the Discussion page, where users can share their design expertise and experience, allowing for dialogue and interactive learning. The platform’s learning opportunities will help you feel comfortable and prepared when speaking to your Creative by Design designer. Houzz’s community function can also highlight any potential questions you may have for your designer.


Houzz is a great platform to connect with the design community and a fantastic reference tool when beginning your design process. To book a consultation with one of our designers, get in touch with us today—Discover Creative by Design on Houzz via our profile page.

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