30 May
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Bought furniture vs fitted furniture: make the right choice for your home

Buying furniture is an exciting experience, and nowadays we are spoiled for choice with an array of options at our fingertips.

But before you go to the local furniture store or click that buy now button on eBay, take a moment to think about the furniture you need and its role in your home.

There’s no denying that store bought furniture is a fast and easy option. However it’s not the only option, and it may not be the best option for you.

Fitted furniture is furniture that is built into the anatomy of your home: meticulously measured, designed and installed to serve a purpose and crafted in any shape and style you choose.

So how do you know if fitted furniture is your best option?

Bought furniture vs fitted furniture make the right choice for your home

You want your furniture to be about you

There’s something special about walking into a room with a piece of furniture that has been designed by you and hand-crafted for you.

You can buy furniture from manufacturers in a range of colours, materials and styles, but if you crave something truly unique it can never be store-bought.

Fitted furniture is designed with you in mind – from minimalist to modern, vintage to retro, or bold and colourful, you can incorporate any design element your heart desires.

You want to fit furniture into oddly shaped or small spaces

Finding furniture that will fit into distinctive spaces is no easy feat.

Whether your kitchen or laundry is super small, your bedroom walls curve or your living room is exceptionally large, making the ordinary fit the extraordinary is time consuming and frustrating.

Bought furniture is made to meet the needs of the masses, whereas fitted furniture can be as unique as the space it is designed to live in.

The next time you need to add furniture to a unique space, think about how it would feel to have all your needs met with a custom design rather than an off-the-shelf product.

You want furniture that is built for life

What if a wardrobe was more than a wardrobe? What if it saved you time and stress by giving every item its own home? What if your laundry was crafted to make doing laundry easier, or your living room engineered to make life more enjoyable?

Fitted furniture is not everyday furniture, but furniture designed for your every day. And it stands the test of time, with quality construction and professional installation that ensures longevity long after most store-bought furniture has come and gone.

To explore how fitted furniture would work in your home, or to see creative ideas from our inspiring design team, call 1300 366 222 or contact us.

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