Become a Franchisee

How We Operate

Creative by Design offers two franchise models: Master Regional Franchise and Local Regional Franchise.

There is currently a business opportunity for a Master Regional Franchise in the following areas:

  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • New Zealand

All other states in Australia have established franchises, however there may be an opportunity to run your own design studio.

For more information, simply contact us.


Setting Up Your Franchise

To be a Master Regional Franchisee, you will:

  • Establish the core metropolitan market
  • Run a design studio, complete with an office and small showroom

Our manufacturing bases are located strategically around Australia, to ensure distribution to all states.

The capital expenditure to establish the business is very low compared to other franchise models, allowing you to focus on your craft and marketing your services to the local area, while relying on us for national marketing support and product manufacturing.

To be a local franchisee, you will be running your own design team and operating your own design studio, using the manufacturing centre for production. The headache of manufacturing and installing is all taken care of for you!

To learn more about becoming part of the Creative by Design family, please email Rosana McLeod.