30 Aug

5 organisation mistakes you’re making in the kitchen

A well-organised and structured kitchen will not only be appealing to the eye but will also boost your efficiency and ability to use the space to its full potential. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to maintain an organised kitchen space, and often it’s a balancing act between storage and time.

Here are five things you may be approaching incorrectly when organising your kitchen, and how you can make a change.

1) Having a junk drawer

While it may be tempting to have a universal place to store (read: dump) all the wayward items in your household that are without their own place, keeping junk drawers takes up prime storage space in your kitchen.

Ask yourself if a kitchen drawer is really the right place to keep that old birthday card or those spare pens. Instead, consider using that space to keep your favourite tea boxes or recipes that you are interested in.

2) Choosing size over relevance

One of the most common decisions people make when organising their kitchens is grouping together tools based on size or shape, rather than the function it holds or how often they are used.

Our advice is to place your most-used pots and pans together so you can access them with ease. Store your coffee machine, tea, and mugs in the same section of your kitchen, creating one area for your beverage needs.

3) Wasting storage space with containers

While keeping your items segmented is a great way to keep your cupboards and drawers neat and tidy, your storage containers may actually be costing you space.

If you find you are not utilising your containers to their full capacity, consider swapping them for smaller containers that are stackable. This will maximise your storage space and allow you to keep any product inside fresh.

4) Keeping duplicates

It can be hard to do away with kitchen tools and appliances, especially if they’ve served you well or were given to you as a gift. However, if you find that your kitchen is filling up with duplicates, it may be time to clear out, or you may find yourself drowning in a sea of kitchenware.

Compare any duplicates that you have and keep the utensil that you think will be most effective or that you value more. Keep note of those that you do have to avoid re-purchasing and cluttering your kitchen.

5) Underappreciating vertical space

More often than not, vertical spaces in kitchens are not utilised to their full storage potential.

Installing shelving or hanging storage solutions can allow you to store twice as much within the space available. Be careful of stacking things too high and be sure to prioritise your items lowest to highest based on how often you will reach for them.


By making small changes and adopting these simple hacks we hope that you can improve the quality of your kitchen storage solutions.

If you are after a bigger change, it may be time you think about speaking with a professional about your storage options. Get in contact today to see how Creative by Design can help you achieve your ideal kitchen through custom storage, designed and built for you.

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